Importance of Repairing Your Drywall Before Painting 

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Repainting your interior with a fresh coat of paint seems to be an easy task, particularly when your drywall’s condition is great. However, if your drywall displays indications of any damage, you should repair it before you paint it. This step is crucial if you want to achieve outstanding results.  

Repairing drywall repair 

Drywall repair might look quite straightforward. However, you can actually do it with the help of a comprehensive tutorial, but not quite. Though minimal hole or crack can be fixed in just a couple of minutes, a thorough drywall repair needs quite a lot of work and knowledge. Since drywall repair is very vital if you want to achieve the result that you want, we will discuss the common drywall flaws and repairs.  

Water damage 

In terms of extreme water damage, replacing your whole drywall sheet would be the greatest solution. Once your wall structure has not been compromised, you could search for techniques of repairing drywall. Before you try to repair your drywall, searching and repairing the damage source is essential to stop the issue from coming back. As soon as the needed repairs are done, you should completely dry the drywall and examine its condition.  


In repairing drywall holes, for smaller holes, you should select a quality spackling compound. While the joint compound will be needed for larger holes. Using a putty knife, apply the filler to conceal the hole and then thinly spread it all over. Make sure to dry the filler after and then apply one more coat. Make sure to refrain from overfilling it. After drying the second coat, utilize fine sandpaper for smoothing the surface. 

Loose tape 

One of the usual issues that should be fixed when it comes to drywall would be lifting away from the wall surface and tape bubbling. Cut around the bubbles and eliminate the tape using a knife. Then, conceal it with a thin compound layer. After drying out the compound, sand away the imperfections. 

Hairline Cracks 

This issue can commonly be found in the wall corners. If you observe this on your drywalls, its repair would involve putting acrylic latex caulk, which is sufficiently flexible to endure the movement between the nearby walls.  

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