How to Clean Plexiglass Windows? 

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Plexiglass windows are extremely susceptible to scratching. Meaning, you have to do special care while cleaning them (more than the care you usually apply on basic glass windows). That is why it is vital to determine what kind of cloth and cleaner you must use for your plexiglass windows to remove smudges, dust, and dirt without scratching the surface up. Follow the tips below to guarantee clean plexiglass windows. 


Ammonia isn’t the sole chemical substance that you must prevent while buying OTC cleaner. There are also many substances that could greatly harm your plexiglass. For instance, it’s important to avoid anything with solvents and abrasives. These can include gasoline, acetone, and more. Similarly, you should steer clear of anything aromatic and traditional ketones, halogens, and cleaners.  

Dirt levels 

You should first observe how dirty your plexiglass window has become for you to know how strong a cleaning solution would be perfect to use. If your windows only have a light dust coating, you can use water to clean them, particularly if they are positioned inside your house. For your windows outside, you’ll need to utilize a homemade solution of non-abrasive cleaner and mix it with water to clean them since dirt has already developed. Refrain from chemicals like ammonia.  


For scratches, you can take a car wax and scrub the scratch with a buffer with a wax. This can be found in the automobile store or improvement store. Also, you can utilize other rubbing compounds on the plexiglass windows to get the same end. Remember to gently rub the scratch. This will work particularly if the scratches aren’t too deep. As soon as you finish, the scratch must be removed and you could normally clean your windows after. 

Light Cleaning 

If you’re simply cleaning off dust with water, you still have to take care of it carefully. The cloth you should use must be a non-abrasive material. You just have to wet it and then start washing the plexiglass windows. It’s vital to continuously wet the cloth and to turn it so you will be cleaning your window with the cloth’s clean area. This helps to avoid the chance of dust and dirt you’ve just accumulated on the cloth from scratching or transferring back your windows. 


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